Illegal Dumping

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What is illegal dumping?
Illegal dumping is the throwing away of unwanted trash and bulky items in places around the city where they don't belong. For example, on the sidewalks, empty lots, alleys, parking lots and residential streets. People of all types dump unwanted items-residents, property owners and renters, business owners and employees, and visitors. There are also people from outside out city who come to repeatedly dump trash in our city.

Illegal Dumping is a Big Problem in Huntington Park
As a matter of fact, it happens daily. We have identified 26 sites around the city where illegal dumping regularly occurs. Unreported illegal illegal dumping results in more illegal dumping as illegal dumpers find an easy location for dumping and keep coming back. This causes an endless chain of dumping, with unsightly trash, debris and garbage making city unattractive, unappealing and unhealthy.

The Impacts of illegal Dumping
Illegal Dumping is bad for the city and can have many bad effects on our daily lives.

It threatens the health of HP residents. Illegally dumped material can quickly become a breeding ground for mice, rats and mosquitos, which can spread serious diseases, such as encephalitis and West Nile Virus. Additionally, some appliances manufactured before 1979 may also leak dangerous toxins, some of which can cause cancer and other serious diseases.

It endangers our children. Large appliances: like refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, and stoves are a special danger for small children; who think they look like fun places to play and hide inside, but they can easily become trapped inside.

It harms the environment. Refrigerators and freezers may release chloro fluro carbons into the air, and this harms the earth's protective ozone layer.

It lowers property values. Illegal dumping makes our city and neighborhoods looks ugly, dirty and unattractive which brings down property values and makes our homes and businesses less valuable.

It impacts our local economy. Businesses suffer when illegal dumping makes their business less attractive and less inviting to customers. The community as a whole becomes undesirable to prospective commercial residential developers that build supermarkets, retail stores, houses and apartments. This also reduces the opportunity for local jobs and economic progress for residents.

It impacts public safety. Piles of illegally dumped trash can traffic hazards, obstructing the line of sight of both drivers and pedestrians, and putting both at risk for an accident.

If You See Dumped Trash - Report it Right Away (323) 584-6274